Carrie Fell

Carrie Fell

Carrie Fell
Wisdom Bringers

The First People have a unique outline for life. It starts with the thinking process to the East, the planning process to the South, the living action to the West and the satisfaction or evolution process to the North. Everything we do is clockwise, a perfectly timed and continuous circle – we do not go backwards.

Over one year ago, a friend and collector challenged me to journey the four winds and I have been guided by the expressive eyes and reverent faces of my newest series titled Wisdom Bringers ever since.

Man did not create the web of life, he is but a strand in it…

Through each of my paintings I work to illustrate though colorful imagery a true western spirit made up of pioneers, mavericks and bringers of wisdom. I sense that our teachers not only come in the form of mans hand but also through all living spirits with a heart line. Just as the horse is our warrior spirit who carries us safely along our journey and the buffalo stands so that we may reconnect with the meaning of life respecting the sacredness in all paths – though they may be different than our own.

I have held my ear to the earth and have heard a rumbling sound which cannot be ignored. Perhaps it is time to pack a medicine bundle assembled with honor, love and respect – together with a profound understanding that we are part of everything and everything is a part of us.

We are all One.

– Carrie Fell