Green Projects

Green Projects

Green Projects

Architectural integration of “green” building concept has been a consideration of this firm from the beginning. Tab’s Master of Environmental Planning from Arizona State University’s Solar Energy Planning and Technology Program has prepared this firm for this new movement since the early 1980’s. The following projects have various “green” aspects, from passive solar/super-insulated to active solar systems both thermal and electric to LEED certification.

Bonidy Residence, Lot 2, Block 4, Wildridge Subdivision, Avon, CO; approx. 3,000 s.f.; 2005.
Summit County
Ward / Suzuki Residence, Lot 2, Block 3, Sage Creek Subdivision; Silverthorne, CO; 3,600 s.f.; $450,000; 1998. Contractor: Cornice Contracting [1]
Bonidy Residence, Evergreen, CO; 4,100 s.f.; passive solar/super insulated hybrid; $260,000; 1985. [2]

Gated Residential
Bachelor Gulch
Lot 47 – Renovation and Addition, Bachelor Gulch, Eagle County, CO; 1,500 s.f. addition and 8,500 s.f. renovation; geothermal, solar thermal; 2012. Contractor: TWC, Inc.
Catlin Residence, Lot 38, Bachelor Gulch, Eagle County, CO; 10,000 s.f.; geothermal, PV, 2010. Contractor: Evans Chaffee Construction Group.
Holzworth, 293 Elkhorn, Bachelor Gulch, Eagle County, CO; solar thermal, PV, 8,300 s.f.; 2010.

Cordillera Valley Club
Navarro-Wear Residence, Lot 10, Cordillera Valley Club, Edwards, CO; LEED GOLD, solar thermal, PV, 5,900 s.f.; 2010.

Red Sky Ranch
Cook Residence, Lot 82, Red Sky Ranch, Wolcott, Eagle County, CO; PV, 10,900 s.f.; 2010. Contractor: Gregg & Company Builders
Richey Residence, Lot 16, Red Sky Ranch, Wolcott, Eagle County, CO; geothermal, PV, 9,500 s.f.; 2011.

American National Bank, Carbondale Branch, 5,300 s.f. Carbondale CO; PV, 2007.

Madison Partners P.U.D.; Avon, CO; 112 units with structured parking; planning.

Avery Parsons Elementary (Pre-K-5), Buena Vista School District; Addition and Renovations; Buena Vista, CO; 17,800 square foot addition; $4,750,000; 2013. Diesslin Strucutures Inc.