Our Services

Our Services


We provide Architecture, Planning and Interior Design services


We at TAB Associates, Inc., offer architectural design services and ensure that your project and experience are given equal importance. Our architectural design services simplify the custom design and building process and maximize accountability and efficiency. We are your single point of contact for the best architecture design services, including in-house and on-site consultations, planning and design, and construction services. This improves communication as well as helping our clients avoid problems that arise when you are asked to deal with multiple vendors.

We make your distant dream of building a custom home [or project of any other nature] an achievable reality. Over the years, we have taken up projects with different sizes and complexities, while still being able to successfully complete them within the stipulated time and budget. We utilize state-of-the-art architectural design systems to improve process efficiency and accuracy. We always strive to exceed expectations with the help of top architectural designers, hardware and software upgrades, and improved communication.


Planning is the most important phase of any construction or renovation project. TAB Associates Inc. provide architecture design-planning and interior design-planning services. From an architecture standpoint, we believe that it is our duty to design on the site.  This will give proper access as a first step and then share the views from the site with the entire project.  This can both be a positive and a negative (exclusionary views). Not seeing something from inside the project may be as important as seeing a spectacular view.

Whether you are building a home [or project of another type] or looking to upgrade your project’s interiors, design planning services hold the key to what you can expect at the end of these projects. We have been involved in several of these projects, and thus hold expertise in offering planning services that are going to make a huge difference to your building or renovation project.

In both, architectural design-planning and interior design-planning projects, we take into account the inputs, comments and desires of the clients. No planning can move forward into the execution phase without involving you. We listen to our client’s every desire.

In addition to the expertise, we also have the tools to offer design planning services that can help you create projects or interiors that stand out. We don’t do run-of-the-mill designs and we proudly say that good customer service is one of our biggest qualities.

Interior Design

We at TAB Associates Inc., offer high-quality interior design services. We have the knowledge, tools, and resources to meet your interior design fixed finishes needs. We can help you complete the look of your project.

We understand that fixed finishes can be colorful, modern, and sleek or they can be traditional and highly detailed but they can never be uninspired and boring. We will offer you the opportunity to discover fresh and new fixed finishes concepts that can help you apply them to a new project or upgrade your project’s existing finishes and allow you to create a space that reflects your own taste and style.

When you hire us, you are choosing to work with the best interior design service provider in the area.  We can either use your tastes and desires or interject ours based on your thoughts.  Our expertise lies in creating spaces that are a shadow of your thoughts. A cohesive look is what everyone is seeking; however, only a few are able to achieve it.

Interior design and fixed finishes are all about having everything you love inside your project. We provide you with more options than anyone else to customize your spaces.  We will help you take a bold step forward and try something new. That’s how we create stunning interiors.