Dogs in the Office

Dogs in the Office

Dogs in the Office


Jax is our resident watch dog.  He is fierce, lovable and the ultimate office companion.


This lovable little lady is part husky, part cattle dog and 100% awesome.


Daffodil was the ultimate sweety-pie. Energetic and full of love, she left this world a better place. She has moved on to the spirit life and will be missed.


Sheila is a rare visitor, but is always welcome! Quick to steal your heart, this dog loves attention and will let you know when she is ready for pets!

Brother Oliver and Baby Oreo 

This dynamic duo is holding down the fort at our North Carolina Office! Adorable, full of love, and rambunctious, these two will compliment any day with their presences!


Above is Brother; this redheaded mutt was the resident office mascot, but has left this world for a better place.  He will be dearly missed.

The Poodle

Oscar, once a resident  here, has moved on to the spirit  life.  “The Poodle”, was a friend to all and will be missed.


Big Brother Othello was the calm, cool and collected mentor to Daffodil & Oreo. He was a travel companion, and a reliable source of love & comfort. He has passed on to the great highway in the sky & will be missed sincerely.