Eagle County School District Master Planning

Eagle County School District Master Planning

Type - Educational

Location - Eagle County

Project Description

Eagle County hired us to study two existing sites in Eagle and Gypsum for possible growth and redesign of the two campuses.
Eagle Campus
Eagle Campus (Eagle Valley Middle, Eagle Valley Elementary, Transportation, Technology, Maintenance)
Middle School Capacity will increase to 650.
Elementary Capacity to stay static at 450.

Possible reconfiguration of entire campus.
Study additions, renovations or new structures.
Not limited to current campus building locations. Look at adjacent property to east and south. (Playfield and existing pocket park)
Master Plan(s) would provide multiple options since many activities occur on site.
Need possible home for: Technology, Transportation, Maintenance, Red Canyon High West (Alternative High School), Board Room (Conference Center), Head Start
Need to consider student population will remain on site during any construction. What would phasing look like with different options?
Site has two front elevations. 3rd Street and 2nd Street. Renovations or address what building looks like from both sides.

Possible options:
1. Build new outside of existing footprint.
2. Build new inside of existing footprint with phased approach.
3. Renovate existing with major renovations and possible additions. Phase approach.
Other considerations: Shared entrance, Public use (conference center, board room, etc.), Separation of others uses (Technology, Maintenance, Etc.) , Increase traffic flow on and off site, Phasing

Design Concepts provided to the team included 4 options ranging from $48-$60 million of construction costs.

Gypsum Campus

Eagle Valley High/ Gypsum Elementary Site
Study possible expansion of existing facility or facilities to accommodate 1,500 plus student capacity.
Expansion could be needed in the next 10 years.
Areas of study:
Trailer park to south:
If there is expansion south how would the building function with classroom and curriculum use?
What is feasibility of expansions?
Does ECSD need to acquire trailer park?

Gypsum Elementary:
Can existing Elementary be used as satellite building for ninth or twelfth grade classes?
How would building function (as stand alone classes or in combination)?
Other uses for capacity increase?
How do students safely travel between buildings? Site changes?
Elementary is displaced (possible third structure at IKBar)
How does Bindley property work into site? Playfields, structures?
Look at site as whole? What is potential of property, looking at tennis courts, and etc.
Study adjacent properties as potential long term acquisitions.
Auto shop may or may not continue?

Design Concepts provided to the team included 2 options ranging from $8-$15 million of construction costs