Wendy’s Restaurants

Wendy’s Restaurants

Type - commercial

Location - Other

Project Description

We have been working on Wendy’s restaurants since 1999 when we completed our first Wendy’s in a commercial complex in Edwards. Since then we have help get new structures built as well as renovations and updates to existing structures.

– El Jebel – Renovation; 2019; This is a building plan we have never seen. Based on a E-2000 kitchen but that is it. Has a convenience store area and completely different dining, restrooms and etc.
– Candelas – $1,3 million, Arvada, CO; 2019; Smart 40 2.0.
– Cheyenne – Renovations Upgrade, $850,000, Cheyenne, WY; 2019, Image store. Gut and rebuild of the kitchen and restrooms, Refresh of the dining and exterior.
– Rifle, $1.2 million, Rifle, CO; 2019. Smart 55- Square.
– Loveland – Renovations Upgrade, $520,000, Loveland, CO; 2018, Image store.
– Arvada – Renovations Upgrade, $475,000, Arvada, CO; 2018, Image store.
– Denver West – Renovations Upgrade, $540,000, Lakewood, CO; 2018; E-2000.
– Palisade Park, $1.2 million, Broomfield, CO; 2018. Smart 65 Narrow.
– Timnath, $1.3 million, Timnath, CO; 2018. Smart 65 Narrow.
– Denver Federal – Renovations Upgrade, $450,000, Denver, CO; 2017, Image store.
– Aurora – Renovations Upgrade, $450,000, Aurora, CO; 2017, Image store.
– Edwards Wendy’s – Renovations Upgrade. Edwards, $475,000, CO; 2018, Refresh upgrade to the interior of our first Wendys in Edwards.
– Glenwood Springs Wendy’s, Renovation, Glenwood Springs, CO; 4,290 s.f.; 2015.
– Wendys Corporate’s new image style renovation of an existing 1980’s Image store. This 4,100 square foot store with side dining and basement will be renovated to the new exterior and interior image as well as additional renovations. Additional renovations include enlarged restrooms and walk in cooler/ freezer.
– Eagle Wendy’s, Wendy’s Restaurant and Site, Eagle, CO; 3,500 s.f.; $850,000, 2002. Custom Wendys E-2000 plan revised for local design guidelines.
– Frisco Wendy’s Complex, Wendy’s Restaurant and Site Development, Frisco, CO; conceptual design.
– Silverthorne Wendy’s Renovation, Wendy’s Renovation, Silverthorne, CO; 2008. Revisions of a 3076 which had revisions and expansions throughout the years.  Renovations included having to meet local design guidelines to change the standard corporate image.
– Conifer Wendy’s, Wendy’s Restaurant and Site, Conifer, CO; 2006. Custom Wendys E-2000 plan revised for local design guidelines.
– Brighton Wendy’s, Wendy’s Restaurant and Site, Brighton, CO; 4,390 s.f.; 2003. We called this one the Wendy’s on steroids. We took the standard E-200o plan and expanded the building size. Dining, kitchen and storage.
– Evergreen Wendy’s, Wendy’s Restaurant and Site, Evergreen, CO; 5424 s.f.; 2002. E-2000.
– Golden Wendy’s, Wendy’s Restaurant and Site, Golden, CO; conceptual design only. E-2000.
– Edwards Station for East West Partners, Multi-Use facility including Texaco, Wendy’s, Car Wash, Quick Lube and Colorado Mountain Express corporate offices; Edwards, CO; $5.2 million; 1999. Fit a E-2000 plan into an shared building with a convenience store.