Lake Creek Village Apartments – Renovations

Lake Creek Village Apartments – Renovations

Type - Multi-Family

Location - Eagle County, Edwards

Project Description

Lake Creek Village Apartments, Exterior Renovations: Eagle County, CO; $7.2 million; 2018.

Lake Creek Village Apartments are a Eagle County Housing development built in the early 90’s. The County hired TAB Associates, Inc. to help remedy a number of issues which have risen since the buildings were built. With a site of 36 buildings this was a big undertaking. Overall there are 3 build types with one, two and three bedroom units. Some of the issues that we inspected and corrected were: Insulation values in the walls, Replacing Windows, Replace siding, Lack of air barrier, and Structural issues.

The first three images show some of the exterior issues which were prevalent, although many of the issues were hidden in the walls.