Minturn Fire Station

Minturn Fire Station

Type - commercial

Location - Minturn

Project Description

Minturn Fire Station, New Fire Station, Minturn, CO; 4,365 s.f.; 2003. Contractor:White River Development & Construction.

With the exception of a few finishing touches, construction is complete on the new fire station in Minturn, Colorado. This has been a joint venture between the projects co-owners, Eagle River Fire Protection District and the Town of Minturn, with White River Development and Construction as the Contractor. The upper level of the station is dedicated to housing and living areas for the station’s personnel. The living area includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. Two truck bays, two offices, a multipurpose room, laundry room, and accessible restroom are located on the lower level. The truck bays house one paramedic truck and one 30 foot fire truck.