Mocevic Residence – 35 Red Draw, Cordillera

Mocevic Residence – 35 Red Draw, Cordillera

Type - Gated Communities

Location - Cordillera

Project Description

Mocevic Residence, 35 Red Draw, Ranch at Cordillera, Edwards, CO; 9,000 s.f.; 2018-2019.

This custom home is on a wooded corner lot in Cordillera. It is 9,000 sq. ft. with six bedrooms, including two master bedroom suites. It also contains an office, a game room, a bar, and a theater. This L shaped home was design to enter on angle due to the constraints of the site building envelope. Once you have entered you can quickly see the view to your right of the Gore range in the far distance. The view is further framed by trees just beyond the property line. A mix of wood siding, stone and wood accents make up the finish on the exterior of the building. A large chimney which houses the flues for 4 fireplaces is the main focal point of the exterior of the home. Some accent shed roofs help soften the roof line and bring it down to scale.

The Owner during construction decided to make some changes to the exterior. The original colors were revised as shown in the later photos.