Monson Residence – The Ranch at Cordillera

Monson Residence – The Ranch at Cordillera

Type - Gated Communities

Location - Cordillera

Project Description

Monson Residence, Lot 47 SW, Ranch at Cordillera, Eagle County, CO; 4,200 s.f. of living; 2004. Contractor: Vail Valley Custom Builders.

This 4,200 s.f. home is located on Lot 47 in Settlers Woods, The Ranch at Cordillera. The clients wanted the design of their home to be unique, while borrowing from turn of the century buildings left by the early settlers of the area. With this theme in mind, we designed the home to appear as though several additions had been added to an original building. A mix of styles and exterior finishes has helped achieve this genuine look. The main house has log splits for exterior siding to give the appearance it was the original structure on the site. The three car garage with 2 bedrooms and a study above is designed to look like a barn. Connecting the barn and main house is a two level stone element with a secondary entrance.


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