Type - Planning

Location -

Project Description

Dillion Valley Elementary, GOCO Playground; Summit County, CO; 2013-2015.

Eagle County School District Building Capacity Study, Eagle County, CO; 2012.

Eagle – Vail Metro District Golf Course Irrigation Pump Station, Eagle-Vail, CO; 2002.

Easy Living Estates, Billings, MT; conceptual design.

Red House Study, planning project for the development of an 1.8 acre commercial site; Avon, CO, 1998-99.

Rocky Mountain High Kitchen, Grow Facility; 6.6 Acre, 10 Greenhouse Facility; Eagle County, CO; 2014-15.

Summit School District Building Capacity Study, Summit County, 2013.

Tract K – Habitat for Humanities, 8 duplex development, Edward’s, CO; conceptual design.