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Project Description

Bachelor Springs HOA – Reserve Study (Update), 18 building complex Arrowhead, CO; 2020

Bachelor Springs HOA – Reserve Study (Update), 18 building complex Arrowhead, CO; 2018.

Bachelor Springs HOA – Reserve Study, 18 building complex Arrowhead, CO; 2015.

Cedar Ridge Subdivision; 14 lot development in Eagle, CO; conceptual design.

Churchill Winery and Inn, Winery, Tasting Room, Banquet Hall and Lodging, Wolcott, CO; conceptual design.

Colorado Mountain College – Vail Valley – Site Master Plan; Edwards, CO; 2018.

Colorado Mountain College – Edward’s Campus, Edward’s, CO ;Site planning.

Cordillera Athletic Community Center, Cordillera, Eagle County, CO; 2020

Cordillera Design Review Board Plans Reviewer, Cordillera, Eagle County, CO; 2021

Cordillera Trailhead Facility – Site Design, Cordillera, Eagle County, CO; 2020

Dillion Valley Elementary, GOCO Playground; Summit County, CO; 2013-2015.

ECSD Facilities Master Planning; Eagle County, CO; 2015.

Eagle County Charter Academy Master Plan; Five Phase plan for presentation to Eagle County School Board; Eagle County, CO; 1999.

Eagle County School District Master Plan (Update) – Eagle County, CO; 2020.

Eagle County School District Master Planning – Eagle County, CO; 2016.

Eagle County School District – Facilities Master Plan, Eagle County, CO; 2015.

Eagle County School District Eagle and Gypsum Master Planning, Eagle County, CO; 2014.

Eagle County School District Building Capacity Study, Eagle County, CO; 2012.

Eagle – Vail Metro District Golf Course Irrigation Pump Station, Eagle-Vail, CO; 2002.

Eagle-Vail Metro District Recreational Core Master Plan; interactive computer presentation to Eagle-Vail homeowners; Eagle-Vail, CO; 1999.

EVMD Master Plan, Study of Driving Range, Parking, Practice Facility and possible Expansions to North Eagle-Vail, 1999

Easy Living Estates, Billings, MT; conceptual design.

Edwards Station – CME Parking Structure; Edwards, CO; 2015.

ERPC Mc Grady Acres – Lot 7,8, 12 – Residential Development, Eagle-Vail, CO; 2018.

Family Learning Center – PreK Building, 16,000 sqft Edwards, Eagle County, CO; 2021

Leadville Recreation Center; park and recreation facilities for Leadville, CO; conceptual design.

Madison Partners P.U.D., Avon, CO; 112 units with structured parking; planning and conceptual design.

McCartin Residence – 35 Acres Residence Master Planning, Red Sky Ranch, Eagle County, CO; 2020

McCoy Creek Cabins, Master Planning, The approved PUD consists of five free-market residences located on a 10 acre parcel that is surrounded by the Arrowhead at Vail PUD.

Nova Guides – Cabin Master Planning, Camp Hale, Eagle County, CO; 2020.

Piney River Ranch, Various additions renovations and master planning, Eagle County, CO; 2011.

The Ocean Club at Flamingo Bay, Costa Rica development, Flamingo, Costa Rica; including site amenities and building planning for a complex of mid-rise building(s), one and two story villas and premium villas.

Red House Study, planning project for the development of an 1.8 acre commercial site; Avon, CO, 1998-99.

Rocky Mountain High Kitchen, Grow Facility; 6.6 Acre, 10 Greenhouse Facility; Eagle County, CO; 2014-15.

Siena Lake Residential/Commercial Community – Master Plan; Gypsum, CO; 2018.

SSD Building Capacity Study; Summit County, CO; 2014.

Summit School District Building Capacity Study, Summit County, 2013.

Tract K – Habitat for Humanities, 8 duplex development, Edward’s, CO; conceptual design.