The Grange – Breckenridge POD Housing

The Grange – Breckenridge POD Housing

Type - Multi-Family, Planning

Location - Breckenridge, Summit County

Project Description

The Grange is a unique housing type to help combat housing shortages for employees in the Summit County area and Breckenridge.  The concept is to provide dormitory style PODs in a large manufactured building. Building the shell quickly and then stacking the PODS in the interior. Amenities in each building would be a shared kitchen, shared dressing, shower and restroom and common space. Some interior storage closets for personal belongings.

The Master plan currently has 7 buildings. 3 of which is one style and the other 4 or another style. Each building has about 47 PODS with about 60% of the PODS are 12×16 being large enough for two beds and the remaining are 12×12 for one bed.

Summit County has a sustainability code which this building would need to comply with. So, solar panels, community gardens, and high efficiency buildings are being designed.

The plan also includes an amenities building for exercise, laundry, offices and etc.