The Oglethorpe Residence at The Ranch at Cordillera

The Oglethorpe Residence at The Ranch at Cordillera

Type - Gated Communities, Residential Projects

Location - Colorado, Cordillera, Eagle County

Project Description

Oglethorpe Residence, Lot 62, The Ranch at Cordillera, Eagle County, CO; 7,300 s.f.; 2001. Contractor: Trends West

The Oglethorpe Residence is located on Lot 62 of Settler’s Park¬† in The Ranch at Cordillera, and is 8,000 square feet. The west elevation (second image) is the main entry to the home. The fenestration on the east elevation allows aspen filtered views to the Gore Range. The last image is the view to the east of the Gore Range. The home has 6 bedrooms with 6 baths and 2 powder rooms. The master suite is on the main level with the exercise room, a library, a great room, dining room, kitchen, and hearth room. Due to the slope of the site the lower level walks out to a deck that is approximately 10 feet above the finished grade. Built-in with the exterior fireplace is the all-important pizza oven. This exterior fireplace is one of eight fireplaces throughout the home.


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