TRV Mountain Star Residence

TRV Mountain Star Residence

Type - Gated Communities, Residential Projects

Location - Colorado, Mountain Star

Project Description

TRV Homestead 66, Mountain Star, Avon, CO; 6,000 s.f.; 1999. Contractor: Double “R” Contracting & Development.

TRV Mountain Star Residence is a speculative home located on Lot 66 in Homestead high above the Vail Valley in Avon, Colorado. The home is approximately 6,000 square feet with a sale price of $3.4 million. This watercolor shows the entry court which faces to the northwest with Red & White mountain to the north. The hearth room, dining room, great room, library, and master bedroom face south and have views of Beaver Creek Ski Resort and the Holy Cross Wilderness across the valley to the south.