Advice for Architects: Leave Your Ego at the Door

Advice for Architects: Leave Your Ego at the Door

Advice for Architects: Leave Your Ego at the Door

Working hand-in-hand with the client is a good hallmark of a professional architect.

We’ve noticed there are plenty of Colorado architects who have been skipped over or fired by clients who come over to TAB Associates, instead, for all of their home building and design needs.

In an article written by Tab Bonidy, President of TAB Associates, there are quite a few reasons why other architects lose jobs. The primary reason, of course, is that the architect the clients were using couldn’t get past his or her own ego, leaving the clients dissatisfied. Stemming from a huge ego comes three very big problems that get architects fired:

  • Inability to listen. Because of the strong ego, the former architect never really heard what the client wanted.
  • Not keeping the client involved. Clients fully involved in the process (particularly the concept phase) often love their end results, because they were part of the design process and had an investment in it.
  • The “I know what you want” syndrome. Clients know what they like and dislike, and taking that away from them is a recipe for disaster.

If you’d like to learn more about Colorado architects who care more about custom designs for their clients’ needs, please take a moment to check out TAB Associates.

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