Bring Beauty Into the Home with Stone

Bring Beauty Into the Home with Stone

There is no denying the beauty of stacked stone walls. Used for both the interior and exterior, the subtle colors and expressive texture of the stone create a visual and expressive design.

Stacked stone is unique in its 3-dimensional composition. Expressive stones of various colors and textures are created as modules, attached to backing and can be installed much like tiles. There is no need to grout dry stacked stones which results in smooth, uninterrupted lines.

building with stone

The uses and locations for stacked stone is limitless when creating or redesigning a specific area. The modules make a dramatic backdrop to focal points in the home such as a fireplace or a kitchen stove surround. The stones also serve as a stand alone accent wall to enhance the texture of decorative accessories emphasizing wood, glass or metal fixtures.

Used to create a wall in a luxury bath, stacked stones add an element of relaxation and serenity when coupled with soothing hues from the palette.

From bold stone columns to colored stones that reflect the golden glints from the sunlight, stacked stones add the finishing touch to any design.

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