Creating a Natural Wood Finish with Modern Tile

Creating a Natural Wood Finish with Modern Tile

Modern Kitchen Interior Design Architecture Stock Image, Photo oThis year’s tiling design trends are truly exciting. From edgy designs to new materials, the tile industry is laying the groundwork for a strong and beautiful future.

Leading the way are faux-wood tiles. Made of ceramics, they mimic the tones and grains of natural wood without the splinters, and with the added benefit of being watertight.

Further, you can select the wood look that you find most appealing. You can choose teak or weathered wood to create a seaside appearance, or you can go with a deep oak finish or lighter pine to soften the appearance of your rooms. Best of all, none of these options will ever scratch, fade, or need a regular oiling.

In addition to the appearance of the individual tile, you can use them to easily create everything from herringbone patterns to parquet. This makes them a diverse, and solid foundation that can be easily blended with your desired decor. You can even select different sized tiles to create a more natural, earthy appearance that’s sure to be noticed and appreciated.

Do you have questions regarding the latest tile design trends? Contact Tab Associates and we’ll be happy to lay them out for you.

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