How To Build A Fire Pit For Your Yard

How To Build A Fire Pit For Your Yard

On cool fall and spring nights, sitting around a campfire with family and friends is incredibly relaxing. Having a fire pit in your backyard is sure to prove worthwhile, time and time again. Follow these simple tips when building a firepit.

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  • Choose a site that’s located far from buildings and trees. Make sure the ground is level for easy building.
  • Check your local building codes. Some require that the fire pit is surrounded with sand or gravel.
  • Design your pit. Traditionally, they are cylindrical, and about 2 feet tall with a 5-foot diameter. However, you can make a bigger or smaller pit depending on your needs.
  • Dig the ground out and create a concrete foundation for your fire pit. You’ll also need to create a drainage area in the center.
  • When the foundation is formed and dry, lay the stones. If using natural stones, you may need to chisel them slightly to create attractive shapes. Seal them together with mortar, smooth it out, and seal it. You’re done!

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