Interior Design Trends for 2014

Interior Design Trends for 2014

Just like personal style, interior design is always changing. New trends are emerging and allowing homeowners to create looks that are truly their own. Here’s a look at a few design trends for 2014 that you may want to consider incorporating into your home.

2014 interior design tips

Source: TAB Associates

Vintage Decor – Unique, vintage furniture and decorations are more popular than ever. There’s just something special about having a chest or chair that you know no one else has — especially when it matches your decor perfectly.

Plenty of Color – Neutral, beige tones are out — at least when they’re not paired with brighter, flashier colors. Loud tones like bright cobalt blue and yellow are very popular right now.

The Rustic Look – From exposed wooden beams in the ceiling, to bedrooms that feel like they’re in a mountain retreat, the cabin-style, rustic look has gained a lot of footing in 2014.

Spa-Style Bathrooms – From walk-in showers, to ornate tile and heated floors, bathrooms are becoming a true place of luxury. Many are made to resemble mountain resorts with natural stone and wood used throughout the designs.

For help incorporating these home design trends into your building plans, contact TAB Associates, Inc.

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