Light Your Home Up With These Tips

Light Your Home Up With These Tips


Here are some luminous lighting tips to help you establish the perfect lighting for your home.

The right interior lighting can make a well-designed home look even more stunning. Follow these lighting tips to ensure your home is perfectly lit.

  • Place mirrors cleverly throughout the room to reflect light that comes in the windows. Mirrored table tops are even more stunning.
  • A filter for natural light, placed over the windows, can make it appear even airier.
  • The color of a lampshade affects the color of the light that shines through it. Look for white lampshades made from organic material for the most vivid light.
  • Interior doors with glass panes can make interior rooms with few windows seem brighter and larger.
  • For rooms where you want dimmer, more ambient lighting, use 20 or 40-watt bulbs overhead. For rooms that must be brighter, 75-watt bulbs are the best choice.
  • A dimmer switch is perfect for the living room or dining room overhead light, but it also works well for table side lamps, since you can turn them down for ambiance or up for reading purposes.

If you’re working on your interior design and need more help choosing the right lighting scheme, contact the experts at TAB Associates today.

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