Moving the Master Suite to the Attic

Moving the Master Suite to the Attic

Moving the Master Suite to the Attic

Proper planning and the right architect can make the right attic livable. Source: TAB Associates

When you have the luxury of an attic with ample floor space and workable ceilings, it opens up numerous options on how the space can be converted from storage space to a livable environment. With the help of an experienced architect, redesigning your attic can not only add more floor space to your home; it also increases its market value.

The ideas for attic conversions are many. Just a few examples include adding a mini apartment for a college student, a spare bedroom for guests, an at home office, an in-law suite or a craft, hobby or sewing room. Part of the fun is in planning and designing the layout then watching as the attic takes on a life of its own.

Another option for homeowners is to turn the unused space of the attic into a gorgeous master suite. With careful planning, the attic can be turned into an oasis of privacy in the treetops. Utilizing every inch of space, adding a dormer, skylights or large windows, even a small patio, can turn your attic into a luxury suite.

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