Popular Building Materials for Luxury Homes

Popular Building Materials for Luxury Homes

Homes can be made from hundreds of different materials, but some are certainly more popular in certain kinds of architecture than others. These luxury building materials are popular choices in our mountain homes and vacation dwellings.

luxury home building materials

Source: TAB Associates

Timber gives homes a very natural look, especially when it is roughly hewn. We love timber for country-style homes with views of the mountains. It fits right in and almost makes you feel like you are stepping back in time.

Lime and gypsum are commonly used to build luxury homes. These natural materials are used to construct masonry, and although the can carry a hefty price tag, they look very sophisticated in a luxury home.

High-alumina cement is an extremely strong type of cement that stands up better to wear and tear than most standard cements. This makes it a common choice for luxury homes, especially in areas where homes must be able to withstand harsh weather.

At TAB Associates, we make homes and buildings in a wide array of styles using a range of materials. If you’re interested in using a material in your home that you don’t see on this list, contact us directly to discuss your project’s needs.


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