Colorado Master Plan – 2018

Colorado Master Plan – 2018

Type - Educational, Planning

Location - Edwards

Project Description

We were hired to create a new Master Plan update of the plan we started in 2007. This new plan was to create additional buildings and build on previous plan.

New academic buildings and office space is a priority one need. We are planning for a new academic building behind the existing structure. Classrooms, office and a large auditorium is part of the concepts. We also provide for a possible new building in the front parking lot. An addition of about 50,000 sqft is wanted.

New parking with a possible solar field above is being considered.

Housing is another area of need noted by the College. A mix of housing styles is desirable. Dorm living with Co-living style spaces. Apartment style with garages is also wanted. Mixed units totaling 250 – 350 and about 120,000 sqft.

Some small commercial is being considered.