Eagle Valley High – 2017

Eagle Valley High – 2017

Type - Educational

Location - Gypsum

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Project Description

$29,300,00, Renovations: 10,500 sqft, Classroom Addition: 13,050 sqft, Athletics Addition: 7960 sqft, New building: 14,800 sqft

The most recent work at Eagle Valley High consisted of Master planning, design assist and full Construction Administration. TAB Associates completed Master planning prior to the 2016 bond. We teamed up with DLR for the design and document portions. Renovations to an ever expanding High school. Since the 1950 the site has had about 6 renovations and additions to grow from a capacity of 450 to 1,300. This latest addition address capacity, student flow and new programming.

Eagle Valley High school was originally built in the 1950s for about 450 students. Gypsum and the down valley growth has exploded since the 50’s and the school growth is anticipated to grow to 1,300 students in the next 10 years. In 1999, 2009 and 2018 expansion have occurred to the high school to address needs and mostly capacity. TAB Associates, Inc has been an integral part of each construction.

The current expansion to the main school and needs which occurred needed to address needs in the athletic department, classroom space, special needs, administration, student flow. This was accomplished through renovation of existing spaces as well as two additions. One addition provided new locker rooms as well as a training and fitness addition. The other addition houses new science rooms, classrooms and break out spaces. As the school continued to grow a pinch point began to occur in the main corridors. The new addition created a circular flow pattern in the school to allow multiple pathways for the students to transition to class.

The master plan also noted a need for new programs for the school as well as large classroom spaces. Health Sciences and Culinary programs have been added in this (H2) building with a large commons area and conference space.

As noted above TAB Associates, Inc. has been integral to the master planning and development of this site and school for almost 20 years.