Red Sandstone – Town of Vail Parking Structure

Red Sandstone – Town of Vail Parking Structure

Type - commercial, Educational, Resort

Location - Vail

Project Description

$11,000,000; 52,000 sqft, 160 parking spaces. 11.3KW solar panel system for power of the general needs as well as electric car stations on each level. Circulation to each level is exterior from the perimeter road. With no interior circulation more parking spaces became available. A Pre-cast concrete structural system was used with integral color and wood texture for some finish relief. Nichia wood paneling, stucco and stone also provides Architectural interest.

The structure was built in a joint effort between the Eagle County School District, Town of Vail and Vail Resorts. The school district reached out to the Town of Vail to possibly help with lack of parking for the school and site circulation. Site circulation for the school and adjacent Town Gymnastics center had been an issue for many years due to traffic and pedestrian flow.  Since, the property the school sits on is leased from the Town of Vail the parking structure and site circulation was presented to the Town to help with school parking but also a lack of pubic parking for the Town of Vail.

Through numerous design Town meetings at the Planning and Town Council levels the project was approved for construction in 2018 with anticipated finish date in time for the 2018 ski season.