Hayden Community Center

Hayden Community Center

Type - commercial

Location - Other

Project Description

Hayden Community Center – Renovations, Hayden, CO; 60,000 sqft; 2020 -2023.

The Hayden Community Center is an existing high school that is being redeveloped into a Community Center. Primary programmatic pieces have been forming with such spaces as recreation programs, community living room, recreation & facility administration, community education suite, health services suite, maker space, “Totally Kids” early education suite (“Totally kids” is a local non-profit that grants affordable child care for residents), as well as the necessary spaces: mechanical and support. Through redevelopment and refurbishment, the school will be given new life through a phased construction implementation plan that begins once the Hayden School District finishes the completion of a new K-12 campus.

We began the project in 2020 with completion of final phases in 2023. The first phase was scope to open the athletics portion of the work (gym, weight room, dance and exercise rooms). In addition the completion of the Day Care rooms. Second and third phases are scheduled to start in 2023 to complete the balance of the work – Auditorium upgrades, staff areas, other community spaces.