Nottingham Condominiums – Planning

Nottingham Condominiums – Planning

Type - Planning, Residential Projects

Location - Avon, Colorado

Project Description

Nottingham Condos; Avon, CO

The Nottingham Condominiums is a planning project that contains a cluster of townhomes and condominiums on the Eagle Riverfront in Avon, Colorado. The concepts created vary in parking techniques (whether surface or subterranean),  types of housing, condominiums and townhomes, as well as different approaches to site entrance, among other things. These concepts help gauge a direction or two to be followed into schematic design where they are further developed and designed. Two concepts of further development can be seen in the attached images, showing a townhome building option with elevations, floor plans, and a section diagram, while the other concept shows subterranean parking, site & floor plans, and exterior elevations.