Red Hill Elementary School in Gypsum

Red Hill Elementary School in Gypsum

Type - Educational

Location - Colorado, Gypsum

Project Description

Red Hill Elementary, Gypsum, CO; $6.3 million;  2001.

One of Eagle County School District’s new elementary schools is located in Gypsum on a shared campus with the new middle school. The elementary school is a prototype design to be used for future elementary schools in the District. The main entry shows more of the metal panels and masonry detail. The curved element at the entry contains the media center. With large south facing windows, the solar screen blocks the intense mid-late day sun, but allows indirect daylight into the space.  At the back of the school is another curved wall, which contains the cafeteria. The large and small windows used in this element, and the natural light they allow into the building, creates an interesting interior space. The school’s playing fields, basketball courts, and playgrounds are also located here, adjacent to the cafeteria. The larger gymnasium was made possible by matching funds through the community. The gymnasium also doubles as an auditorium.

TAB Associates, Inc. in association with klipp of Denver were selected in January of 1999 to provide architectural professional services for this along with other facilities.