Red Sandstone Elementary

Red Sandstone Elementary

Type - commercial, Educational

Location - Vail

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Project Description

$13,200,000, 58,000 sqft, completed in March 2019.

Red Sandstone was built in 1977 as an K-5 Elementary. The school is the only pubic school in the Town of Vail and is actually built on leased land from the Town of Vail. The site is shared with an adjacent Town Gymnastic Center and now a shared parking structure for 160 cars.

The original site circulation on this very small site was an entry from the east around a circle and back down the drive. As needs changed on site the traffic volumes increased, that with in conjunction with winter conditions the site access was becoming dangerous. The district reached out the Town of Vail to discuss possibilities of creating a shared parking structure. The parking structure would allow a one way traffic pattern and provide the much needed addition of parking for the school and Town of Vail.

The master plan was to create a NEW school from the existing structure. Deficiencies such as inadequate ventilation and mechanical systems, no cafeteria space, small classrooms, pre-school program, and 21st century updates needed.  The new design upgraded the entire school in spaces, exterior upgrades, and sustainability.

Existing Images prior to construction.