Soda Creek Elementary -Steamboat Springs School District

Soda Creek Elementary -Steamboat Springs School District

Type - Educational

Location - Colorado, Steamboat Springs

Project Description

SSSD – Soda Creek Elementary – Renovations and Additions; $4 million; 2019-2020. Final cost $5.8 Million.

This project has a new 8,000sqft addition added on the west side of the existing school, with the majority of the school remaining as is. The new addition will include 2 new pre-k classrooms, a pre-k prep area, pre-k storage, 2 new classrooms, new intervention & break out spaces, and new restrooms. The main purpose is to provide additional classrooms and administration spaces in the new addition. The site also received some work, and existing stairs on the northwest exit of the academic portion of the building is being revised.

It was important to the School District that we make the addition appear as if it was part of the original school. So, matching of exterior materilas was very important.