Vines At Vail – Wolcott

Vines At Vail – Wolcott

Type - commercial, Planning, Resort

Location - Wolcott

Project Description

Vines at Vail, Winery, Tasting Room, Banquet Hall and Lodging, Wolcott, CO; conceptual design.

Project consists of planning for a 38.5 acre multiple use site including: residential (single family and medium density), commercial, open space, restaurant, spa facility, winery, lodge, banquet hall, plazas, and suites. The southwest/mission styling of the complex will provide a scale and style appropriate to the area. The site will be designed as a comprehensive and contained site for individual and conference use. High end suites and site amenities provide a relaxing stay.

Master Planning: Site and building planning for entire site.
Winery: Bottling area, delivery, tasting room, wine storage, kitchen and two employee housing units; 15,050 sq. ft.
Banquet Hall: Multi-use building with bar, commercial kitchen and employee housing unit; 8,200 sq. ft.
Lodge: 10 room lodge with bar, meeting area, flex space and one managers housing unit; 17,000 sq. ft.
Suites: Two four-room and two six-room suite buildings; 10,000 sq. ft. total.