Rising Home Trends: Sliding Barn Doors

Rising Home Trends: Sliding Barn Doors

Many people get stuck on the idea of traditional doors when designing their home, when in fact there are plenty of interesting alternatives. One of the most exciting home design trends is sliding barn doors. Used in your home’s interior, these doors offer many benefits and add a unique element to your decor.

Sliding barn doors allow you to save a lot of space. While traditional doors can take up to 9 square feet of space due to their swinging action, sliding barn doors only take up a few inches. They work well in large rooms where you want to preserve the spacious look. One disadvantage is that they are not as soundproof as traditional doors because they don’t close as tightly, so you’ll want to avoid using them in places where silence is valued.

Sliding barn doors pair well with a rustic home. They can be painted any color you please. Some have vertical panels that look very much like real barn doors, while others are more plain and elegant for your modern home.

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