The Elegance of Wooden Ceilings

The Elegance of Wooden Ceilings

The Elegance of Wooden Ceilings

Wooden ceilings can add a homey elegance to any new home or property.

At TAB Associates, we like to keep up to date with the latest in architecture and design trends, and there’s one Colorado home design trend that’s really grabbing our attention — wooden ceilings.

Wood plank ceilings are a popular choice for a wide variety of reasons. They not only add an element of elegance to a home, they also are practical, can be sustainable and ecologically sound, and can go along with different design varieties. From the planked ceilings of a rustic log cabin, to the high gloss of a dramatic vaulted ceiling, wood is one of the best media to use in designing an interior.

Different types of paneling can add different textures and moods to a room — dark woods, light woods, and everything in between can help you create the atmosphere that you want the most in your home. From a rich dark wooden ceiling to create an intimate dining room, to a bright, high gloss wood to create an open and bright space in the living room, this material is ideal.

Consider using wooden ceilings for your next remodeling project — this is a Colorado home design trend that’s popular because combines form and function!

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