Want to Build a Contemporary Home? Check Out These Features

Want to Build a Contemporary Home? Check Out These Features

One of the advantages of working with an architect is the ability to build a home perfectly suited to your needs. If you want contemporary home features in your new residence, consider the essential characteristics of the contemporary home below:

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  • Choose natural materials. Natural materials aren’t limited to interior features such as wood flooring or paneling in the living room. Adding natural materials to the exterior of your home serves to blend your home into its natural surroundings and also creates continuity between the indoors and outdoors.
  • Natural light. When designing your home, emphasize a floor plan and design that allows natural light to come in. Natural light can always be controlled with a variety of shades and window covers, however it’s primary benefit is providing healthy natural light during the day. Using natural light will require less resources in using artificial light and may reduce your electric bill.
  • Contemporary exterior finishes. Emphasize contemporary features on your home’s exterior such as a linear roof with an overhang or cantilever. Natural materials are also a nice contemporary touch for the home.

Are you building a contemporary home in Vail? To discuss contemporary home features for your residence, contact us at TAB Associates.

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