Why You Should Include a Radiant Heating System in a New Home

Why You Should Include a Radiant Heating System in a New Home

home with radiant floor heating

A popular trend for new construction is radiant heated homes — and it’s easy to see why. If you’re considering a new construction, keep in mind the cold winter months, and the benefits that radiant heating systems can bring.

Here are three reasons why you should include radiant heat in your new home:

  • Reduced energy consumption. Because the system heats the whole house, rather than trying to force hot air from one small section of a room to another, it heats evenly and efficiently.
  • Quiet running. The system will run so quietly, the only way you’ll know it’s working is that you feel nice and warm throughout the entire house.
  • Reduce dust and allergens. Because the system doesn’t depend on forcing air through the house, there is no kicking up of dust or allergens throughout, leaving you room to breathe.

Radiant heated homes are a popular choice when constructing a new home, and it’s much easier to include this in planning than it is to retrofit in many cases. Consider this option in your new house to help you easily endure the coldest winter day.

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