Black Is a Bold Exterior Color That May Surprise You

Black Is a Bold Exterior Color That May Surprise You

Modern Vertical Roof WindowsIf you’re looking to make a statement with your exterior design, then believe it or not, black might be the way to go. An all black exterior color can be incredibly effective without being overwhelming.

Obviously, not every home design will work in an all black exterior coating. For it to really work, you’ll want to get rid of exterior design elements that would distract from the boldness of the black color, such as the coordinating trim color. This will help provide the home’s structure with a minimalist and clean look that will have a powerful effect.

If cloaking your entire home in black seems a little excessive to you, you can help add a bit of visual levity by using white trim as a strong contrast that’s just as bold as the choice of black. Add a splash of color by choosing a brightly hued entrance door, such as one in a red color. You can also choose to balance the black exterior using frosted glass windows instead – this is an effect that works just as well.

Consider a black exterior design and be sure to contact us at Tab Associates for more home design information and advice today.

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