Building a Home? Consider Adding an Interior Courtyard

Building a Home? Consider Adding an Interior Courtyard

A key benefit of designing your home is the ability to incorporate distinctive features not available in most track homes. The transition between interior and exterior space is a common design trend, which has led to use of interior courtyards in the home.

benefits of an interior courtyard

With a large front and backyard, you are likely wondering why you should consider an interior courtyard. Reflect on a few of the benefits of an interior courtyard below:

  • Natural Light: Interior courtyards are highly sought after because of the natural light that they bring into the home. At midday, a second story interior courtyard can illuminate the entire second floor.
  • Open Space: An interior courtyard opens the space, and an accessible design will add another passageway through the home. Sliding glass doors are a popular option.
  • View: Second-floor courtyards can serve as windows to a landscape view of the surrounding area. And just to grab some sky can be a real treat to a space.
  • Air Movement / Breezes: An interior courtyard can bring air movement to interior home spaces thereby increasing thermal comfort.
  • Added Security: An interior courtyard can provide an exterior experience and all its added value while still being part of the inside of the home from a security standpoint.

Interior courtyards can take on various forms. The courtyard doesn’t always need to be accessible or feature lush green landscapes. Xeriscaping with sand, pebbles, bamboo or other natural materials is an equally common option. The goal is to have visual access to daylight and the sky. Being attached to the exterior is always a pleasant experience.

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