Three Things That Architects Want You to Know About What They Do

Three Things That Architects Want You to Know About What They Do

Understanding a bit about how architects work and how you are involved in the process simplifies the home design approach.Working with an architect is a two-way process that involves the homeowner’s input as well.

benefits of using an architect

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  • We draw on interior and exterior inspiration. Ask any architect, and they’ll tell you that they use the exterior just as much as the interior for design inspiration. Vocalize your ideal exterior to help your architect visualize your ideal interior.
  • Actively participate with us in the design process. The more you participate in the design process, the higher likelihood that you’ll be happy with your home. While it’s the architect’s job to develop the actual design, you should be upfront and sincerely honest about your budget, expectations and feedback. Open and honest communication is key.
  • Tell us your likes and dislikes. If you explain what you like by showing us pictures of what you like, also show us what you dislike. We need to get into your head and understand both your likes and dislikes. In this way we can design what you want and stay away from things you do not like.

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