Design Tips for Working With a High Ceiling

Design Tips for Working With a High Ceiling


Here are some handy design tips to help you make the most of your home with a high ceiling.

High ceilings in homes are seen as a luxury. However, once you have your high ceiling, designing the rest of the room in a way that takes full advantage of the spacious room’s beauty can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you create a stunning and grand design in your home with a high-ceiling.

  • Include millwork in your design. Detailed carpentry including broad crown molding and expertly crafted door frames adds texture, which makes the space feel more balanced rather than just roomy and excessive.
  • Use a dark color on the ceiling. It will help balance out other darker elements that are lower in the room. A natural wood ceiling looks lovely, or even a gabled ceiling painted brown or deep gray or red.  A darker ceiling will bring down the space to minimize it from feeling overwhelmingly large.
  • Add structural elements to your ceiling design. Exposed beams are very in-style right now, and they help add character to your high ceiling. There are many different styles and designs to consider, from arched beams to horizontal ones. natural wood beams are perfect for a mountain-style home.  These structural elements create a lower psychological ceiling and can make a space feel more intimate.

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