Don’t Neglect to Add These Luxury Home Features to Your Dream House

Don’t Neglect to Add These Luxury Home Features to Your Dream House

Are you interested in designing a home that offers all of the amenities of your favorite day spa or retreat? You can by incorporating luxury home features into your new residence. Check out the features below that you and your guests will enjoy:

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Source: TAB Associates Inc.

  • Floor to ceiling windows. Floor to ceiling windows are not only beautiful, they also offer a variety of benefits including natural sunlight. Because floor to ceiling windows let in natural light, they reduce the need to use electricity.
  • Roof deck. Beyond a patio and a balcony, luxury home features now extend to the top of a home. A roof deck is the perfect place to entertain your guests and enjoy a view of the mountains or skyline.
  • Wine Room. Create a room to store wine that you’ve collected from around the world. Develop a custom wine room suited to store wine in its ideal environment.
  • Terrace. Enjoy a place of solace all to yourself in the form of a terrace. Whether it’s a place to read, connect with nature through gardening, or work out and stretch, a terrace makes an ideal retreat.

If you would like to incorporate luxury home features into your home, contact us at TAB Associates.

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