Trending Home Styles: What Makes a Craftsman House?

Trending Home Styles: What Makes a Craftsman House?

Craftsman homes have risen in popularity due to their classic trending home styles, contemporary charm, and the overall warmth these homes exude. Whether you’d like to build a Craftsman house or include elements in your home design, check out our guide below on trending home styles characteristic of Craftsman homes.

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Source: TAB Associates Inc.

  • Hipped Roof. Hipped Roof Craftsman homes are a rare gem. Complement a hipped roof with a slightly arched porch entryway. You can also incorporate a hipped roof into the attic of a two-story home.
  • Eclectic blends. If you’re set on a Craftsman home, but also love elements of other styles, opt for an eclectic blend. Embellish key Craftsman features such as a prominent porch and rafter tails with characteristics of your other favorite styles.
  • Gabled homes. Gables are among the most prominent characteristics of Craftsman homes. Within the Craftsman design, Craftsman style homes use front, side or cross-gables.

For more inspiration, consider craftsman designs from our portfolio. Craftsman houses blend perfectly into the Colorado mountains.

Would you like to include trending home styles into the construction of your new home? Contact us at Tab Associates to discuss building the home of your dreams.

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