Get to Know the Minds Behind TAB Associates, Inc.

Get to Know the Minds Behind TAB Associates, Inc.

Get to Know the Minds Behind TAB Associates, Inc.

TAB Associates has a group of dedicated architects who will strive to make your vision a reality.

How often do you get the chance to know your architects in Colorado? Not often enough, says TAB Associates; and not knowing your architects can lead to not getting the quality and style you want in a custom-built home.

We at TAB Associates are changing that with our architects in Colorado, one architect at a time.

In a recent interview with Tab Bonidy, president and owner of TAB Associates, he suggested that one of the most important aspects to providing superior service was putting aside the architect’s ego, so that the clients are free to express what they want most in their custom-built homes or log cabins. This comes from an architect who has a masters in environmental planning from Arizona State University, from their solar energy planning and technology program, with over 30 years experience in the industry.

It doesn’t stop there, either — both Greg Macik and Warner Hopkins bring their experience to building dream homes for clients, and remove their egos from the process, ensuring all of our clients get exactly what they desire, and what they think will be most pleasing to live in.  This doesn’t mean our clients do not get our own expertise, just in a suggestive form.  We always say, “It is your home, not ours, it is our job to give you what you want.”

Here at TAB Associates, we dedicate ourselves to making your dreams a reality, and a comfortable one, at that.

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