What’s Trending: 2013 Fall and Winter Interior Design Trends

What’s Trending: 2013 Fall and Winter Interior Design Trends

Fall interior design trends for 2013 affect the choices of residential home owners, commercial businesses, resorts or any location that benefits from creating innovative interiors. The fall/winter trends of 2013 utilize a palette of colors with an infusion of individual attitude, ranging from bold to pastel.

What's Trending: 2013 Fall and Winter Interior Design Trends

Use these new, innovative interior design trends as the colder weather returns.

The four trends for the upcoming season are: Flint, Storm, Clash and Alpine.

Flint incorporates the rich colors of the earth’s soil, complimented by warm neutrals and rust. The trend blends bold with soft to generate a sophisticated environment, while retaining an edge.

Storm runs the gamut of color intensity, from hot to cold, using rich, deep blues and smokey shades to bright canary yellow and softer colors of salmon and sand. It is an expressive and light and airy theme.

Clash makes a statement using bold colors tempered with pastels, resulting in a positive and expressive interior. The elegant, bold and sophisticated theme works well in luxury environments.

Alpine is refreshing with its approach to warm reds and natural greens and brown. The trend is inviting and friendly, combining colors with natural materials such as wood and cork.

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