How Much Time Should You Plan for To Build Your Home?

How Much Time Should You Plan for To Build Your Home?

Planning on having a home designed and built? Make sure you plan accordingly, especially when it comes to how long this process takes. The amount of time it takes depends on how your home is being built and where you live.

Home Building in Colorado

Source: TAB Associates

Building a home can take as little as five or six months from permit to completion if you live in certain parts of the country like the southern states that border the Atlantic Ocean, the Midwest, and the western states that do not border the Pacific, such as Idaho, Nevada and Montana.

Having a home built in Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee generally takes around seven months, while building a home along the west coast or in Alaska, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio usually takes an average of eight months. The northeastern region takes the longest time. Home building from Pennsylvania to Maine takes between nine and ten months.

If you hire a contractor to build your home, it typically takes about eight months to complete. When you handle the contracting duties yourself, it can take up to 11 months.

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