How to Build Your Home to Control the Sun

How to Build Your Home to Control the Sun

Balancing your need for protection from the sun with its appeal is important in sunny climates. Instead of blasting your air conditioner over the summer, explore the suggestions below for incorporating sun control into your building design.

Build your home to control the sun

Source: TAB Associates

  • Stone walls. Stone walls are a fascinating building material because they store and release the warmth of the day in the evenings when homes are cooler. Stone walls on the patio with slotted openings block out the sun while allowing light and wind to illuminate and provide a much needed breeze on the patio.
  • Solar Paneling. For a unique and sustainable option, employ the use of solar panels that will re-purpose heat as useful energy in the home. Make use of the natural shade this “solar panel canopy” provides by designing a rooftop seating area under the panels.
  • Extended walls. Extend the roofs for proper overhangs and walls of your home beyond the windows to elongate your indoor space while simultaneously enjoying shade from the sun’s heat. You may want to build these extensions into your home’s structure or incorporate a retractable awning into your building design.


If you would like to discuss controlling the sun in your home’s building design, contact us at TAB Associates.

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