How Your Home’s Wood Can Tell Its Story

How Your Home’s Wood Can Tell Its Story

Wood can add a warm and natural touch to any home. When designing a home with wood, it’s important to think about how this material can reflect on a home and share its story.

Use wood to soften a living space

Source: TAB Associates

Keep these tips in mind when using wood in a home’s design:

  • Create contrast. Combining wood with a starker material, like concrete or stone, can highlight a home’s past. For example, a home built from a former industrial building can use wood to add some warmth, while leaving structural elements, like concrete columns, beams, and floors intact.
  • Keep an original element or two. Leaving a structural wood element in place, while adding new ones, can help you blend the old with the new. Elements such as a wooden ladder in a renovated barn serve as a reminder of the building’s former use. The newer wood can create a more inviting appearance.
  • Blend old and new woods. Using more than one type of wood can create some interesting visual appeal in almost any home. The original wood can remain faded as a reminder of the past, while the newer one can add a sharp modern contrast.

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