How to Build Your Home to Display Art

How to Build Your Home to Display Art

When you have an impressive art collection, it’s important to make sure that your home gives you a good way to display it. Instead of having all the pieces in one room, you can spread them around if you have the right home design.



Use the following tips to create a home that serves as the ideal setting for your art collection:

  • Let in light. Natural sunlight can highlight your artwork and help draw the eye toward it. Having several clerestory windows installed on the upper part of your home helps let in as much sun as possible. Using as much glass as possible on the walls also helps let in more natural light.
  • Connect the pieces. Your home can be set up similar to a museum, with certain pieces displayed in each room, based on a theme. To make things more coherent, include a way to connect these pieces, such as a central courtyard, surrounded by a gallery area for more art walls.
  • Create good display areas. Add shelving in strategically placed areas to display your artwork. This can work in any room in your home.

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