Make Your Home One With the Landscape

Make Your Home One With the Landscape

If your home is surrounded by beautiful views, you can incorporate them into your home’s design. This can help you feel more connected to the outdoors, even while relaxing in your living room or preparing a meal in your kitchen.

design that blends seamlessly with outdoors

Source: TAB Associates

Here are some ideas for designing a home that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings:

  • Turn the views into artwork. A large, wide window on one wall can reveal a stunning panoramic view that serves as natural artwork. Frame the window with curtains, a curtain rod, and bookshelves for an even more picturesque effect.
  • Make rooms appear more spacious. By installing wall-to-wall windows, you can include gorgeous views of the surrounding area. This can make smaller rooms seem much more spacious and inviting. This effect is enhanced even more when the room’s design is minimalistic.
  • Combine formality with a traditional domestic quality. Include characteristics that make homes look domestic, such as a gabled roof, while using carefully aligned features, such as an outdoor pool lining up with a fireplace, to create a formal look.

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