Modern Trends: Creating Flex Space in Mountain Homes

Modern Trends: Creating Flex Space in Mountain Homes

One of the important aspects of architectural design is paying attention to mountain home trends (especially since we consider that one of our specialties). We’ve noticed that there is an increasing trend toward ‘flex space’ in mountain homes, and there are plenty of good reasons for this trend to keep on going.

Modern Trends: Creating Flex Space in Mountain Homes

Following the principals of flex space can help you flip that living room into a home theater.

By using a single space for multiple purposes, flex space emphasizes quality of space over quantity of space. There are almost limitless examples of flex space. From the home office that doubles as a guest room to a living-dining area, flex space can open a house and give plenty of breathing room without being a sprawling waste of under-utilized space.

With drop down screens and a projector, as well as the help of an automated window covering, a family room is instantly transformed into a media room.  This is another great example of flex space.

To get the most out of flex space, it’s vital for thorough planning during the design process, with architects working with clients to determine their lifestyle needs, listen closely, and design accordingly.

At TAB Associates, our philosophy is to keep those mountain home trends in mind, but to work with our clients to fulfill their every need. If you’d like to learn more about how our philosophy can work for you, please take a moment to contact us.

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