TAB Project In the Works: Dando Residence

TAB Project In the Works: Dando Residence

TAB Project In the Works: Dando Residence

The future site of the Dando Residence will overlook the National Forest and Cordillera.

Here at TAB Associates, we take great joy in helping people build their comfort zone — a place to call home. One of the projects our architecture planning services are being used for, right now, is the Dando Residence.

This residence, situated in a very private Aspen forest, in the gated community of Colorow, is a timber and stone structure of 8,200 square feet. It is in the works to be outdoor living friendly, which shows in the design of the large exterior, with at grade and raised patios.

The patios are covered and uncovered. This will allow for outdoor living and entertainment all year round, with phenomenal views of the surrounding National Forest and the Cordillera golf course. The home itself will include four bedrooms, five bathrooms, powder room, living room, kitchen, dining, office, family, and exercise rooms.

Features and amenities of the Dando Residence include a water feature, pool, hot tub, three-car garage, and tractor storage.

If you’d like to be part of the process of building your dream home, contact our architecture planning services today at 970-766-1470.



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